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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pomegranate(Anar) Mocktail

                A very refreshing cocktail with fresh, red & juicy pomegranates along with the tropical tastes of lemon & oranges...I just gulped the whole juice in my glass without a stop...Usually my hubby is not very interested in pomegranates, even though i keep reminding him its good for your health, some sort of bitter taste he feels while having them...(I never felt the same, so can't explain)...But for this cocktail, i don't know what happened, it was really a different taste...Perfect to quench your thirst with a freshness !!! It looks so festive to me...

               Even though removing the pomegranate fruit seeds from its inside was a really tough & tiring job (I don't like doing it).., the end result made me happy to prepare it again....Always be careful to squeeze & add the fresh orange juice just before serving, since the taste of orange juice changes with time....The recipe is not much difficult, but the combo was really soothing to our hearts wanting more....Even kids adore these..!!


1. Pomegranates/Anar/ Madalam - 4 big ones
2. Lemon - 2 small
3. Oranges - 1 large
4. Sugar - As much reqd
5. Water - 2 long glasses
6. Pomegranate seeds - 2 - 4 tbsp
7. Mint  leaves - 1 or 2


~Get ready our pomegranate fruit seeds separated from its inside & add it to your blender along with very less water, just to get it blended (about 1 cup) 

~Blend nicely & strain well to a jug.
~Now just wash the blender with little water & add the strained pomegranate juice into it.
~Squeeze 1 lemon juice along with 5 to 6 tbsp of sugar & rest of the water & blend well.
~Check the taste & add the rest of lemon juice & sugar accordingly.
~Refrigerate this juice for atleast half an hour.
~Just before serving squeeze fresh orange juice into the prepared pomegranate lemonade with 1 or 2 mint leaves & shake well inside a closed jug.
~Serve into tall glasses with ice cubes & 1 or 2 tbsp of pomegranate fruit seeds...


  1. Sajina, its not cocktail. Cocktails are alcohol containing drinks. Its a Mock-tail (which mocks cocktail, but with no alcohol content)


    Athira, also shared a pomegranate mojito recipe in CheenaChatti.

    Loves the deep red color. Refreshing ;)

    1. Oh thnks Jameela...I really had a confusion in naming dis spectacular drink...Now u made it clear to me...Really i appreciate ur kindness in letting me knw...Thnks a lot...will change d name on d spot...

  2. vibrant color....looks so refreshing....
    Simply Delicious

  3. am bookmarking this for my diwali coctail:) beautiful drink


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