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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Foodabulous Fest - July Series - Ramadan & Mango Delicacies Round Up !!! (Non-veg Iftar Snacks)

Snacks (non-veg) [37 entries]

Bird's Nest / Kili Koodu - The apron & me

Channa Dal Egg Kabab - Shenu's Kitchen


Beef Masala Cake - Shenu's Kitchen

Chicken balls in silky sauce - Pramitha Love Cooking

Freezing Beef Cutlets - Kachuss Delight

Athishaya Pathiri with Beef - Saju's Tastes...

Bread Chicken layers - Shenu's Kitchen
Baked Samosa - Faru's Cuisine

Chicken pizza - Sherien's Cookbook
Cheesy Chicken Pockets - Fabus Relish

Flavorful Chicken Crispies - Fabus Relish


 Irachi Kizhi - Love From Kitchen

Chicken Pidi - Leesha OK

Caterpillar Chicken Buns (In pressure cooker !!) - Saju's Tastes...

Prawns Stuffed Kinnapathiri - Shenu's Kitchen

Chicken Croquettes - Love From Kitchen

Chicken Croissants - Faru's Cuisine

 Fried Prawns Ada - Faheema Abdul Kader Basheer

Meat Box/Irachi petti - Love From Kitchen

Chicken Skewers - Febi's Cookbook

Chicken bread roll - Tricks & Treats

 Cinnamon french toast - Yummy Foods

Crunchy Munchy Chicken - Rahna Ajmal

Spicy Beef Cake - Balsam Pattarkadavan

Chicken Pillow - Tricks & Treats
Irachi ada - Love from Kitchen

Masala Cake/Kums-stuffed with Chicken fillings 
- Love From Kitchen

Haleem - Rahna Ajmal

Chicken Samosa - Fasna Noushad

Lahmacun - Rahna Ajmal

Chicken Bird's Nest - Fasna Noushad

Prawns stuffed kinnath oroty/ithil oroty 
 - Love From Kitchen

Sphagetti-Chicken roll - Love From Kitchen

Salmon Amritsari - I think I am hungry


Chicken Bird's Nest - Nilofer Sajath

Capsicum bread pola/Cake with prawns filling -Love From Kitchen
 Egg bags - Tricks & Treats

Turkish Sandwich - Zubu's Corner


  1. Lovely round up saju but wat abt the giveaway who won it ??

  2. Lovely roundup dear :)

    Don't miss to participate in 3rd blog-anniversary event with a giveaway @ :)

  3. Owwh..i missed thiss... Luvly collection Sajina.. Can peep into here nex yr..Insha Allah

  4. lovely roundup....amazing recipes


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