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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Foodabulous Fest - July Series - Ramadan & Mango Delicacies Round Up !!! [Iftar Sweets]

Sweet Dishes [40 entries]

Dates Stuffed Kus Kus Square  - Shenu's Kitchen
 Moist Carrot Cake - Pramitha Love Cooking

Sheer Khurma - Simply Tadka

Kunafa/Kunafe - Rahna Ajmal

Carrot Pola - Love From Kitchen

Easy Bread Pudding with Nuts and Raisins - A Bowl of Curry

Chewy Dates Bar - Babi's Recipes

Panineer Petti - Tricks & Treats

Coconut Ladoo - Febi's Cookbook
Steamed dates Cake - Love From Kitchen

Elaneer Unniappam - Aswathy Nishanth
3 ingredients energy bars
 - Home Cook Food

Quick Coconut Balls - Ainy Cooks


Sweet Coconut balls - Love From Kitchen
Ice Pops/Popsicles - Swetha's Veg Cuisine

Mutta Adukku - Tricks & Treats
Anar pudding - Shenu's Kitchen

 Zainab's Fingers -  Rahna Ajmal

Basbousa - Rahna Ajmal
Steamed Banana Cake - Love From Kitchen

Coconubournvita Balls - Veg Indian Recipes

Fruit Surprise - Rahna Ajmal

 Unnakkaya - Fasna Noushad
 Fruity Pizza Bites - Nayanas Kitchen Kreations

Cinnamon Rolls With Orange Glaze - Pramitha Love Cooking

Peanut Butter Coconut Macroons - Veg Indian Recipes

Chcolate chip cookie brittle - Home Cook Food

Falooda - Juby Muthu

Smoothies Falooda - Homemade Food
Orange pola/Kums - Love From Kitchen

Stuffed Plantain - Rahna Ajmal

Steamed Coconut Custard Pudding - Cook From Heart

Unnakkaaya/Kaayada - Fabus Relish

 Fruits Salad - Fasna Noushad

Luqaimat - Rahna Ajmal

Dates Apricot Cake - Balsam Pattarkadavan

Pazham Nirachath - Fasna Noushad

Chatti pathiri - Tricks & Treats

Frozen Kaayada/unnakkaaya - Kachuss Delight

Double Ka Meetha - Swetha's Veg Cuisine


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