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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Apple Mango Juice

                   All my family is crazy of mangoes... Mango Lassi (Smoothie), Mango LemonadeMango Sunrise  & Tango Shake are the common ones that pleases our taste-buds...Found out a new combination of mangoes with apples last week...& I've been preparing it this whole week...Mangoes got over...& waiting for next bunch of mangoes....The main motivation for me to prepare this easy juice is that my son is really fond of this...The color of the juice itself makes him soo happy that he starts clapping his hands & smiles at me...He's getting one & half year old tomorrow...So if he liked & approved it, I'm sure many of you would love it !!!

              Only using mangoes would make the juice pulpy & only using apples would make the juice into a soft-chewy texture...So...our apple mango juice is a mixture of soft-chewy & pulpy texture...I just love feeling this different texture of juice in my tongue..!! A fantastic summer time refreshment !!!.
Try it out & I'm sure you'll let me know the feedback..........

              Refrigerate the juice after preparing it, if required...The color of the apples in the juice won't change...Have it along with breakfast, after lunch/dinner...Or when your friends come home...



1. Apple - 1
2. Mango - 1
3. Water - 1 glass (can dilute more if reqd.)
4.Sugar - 2-3 tbsp (according to sweetness of fruits)


~Peel the skin of both apple & mango & chop them into thick slices without seeds.
~Try taking equal amounts of apple & mango.
~Along with these apple & mango add water & sugar to the blender & blend well for 1 min.
~Add ice & serve. (Avoid ice for kids..just refrigerate the fruits before preparing)

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Monday, May 13, 2013

May - June '13 Winners & Answers (Food Quiz Surprises !!!)

Quiz Rules 

Link to Quiz

May month sponsor - Trendy Collections
June month sponsor - Cookelette Passionz

 Day - 25 - Lucky Winner - Rahna Ajmal

Day - 24 - Lucky Winner - Shailaja Reddy

Day - 23 - Lucky Winner - Santosh Bangar

Day - 22 - Lucky Winner - Archana Ramachandran

Day - 21 - Lucky Winner - Muneera Jaseel

Day - 20 - Lucky Winner - Bini Basheer

Day - 19 - Lucky Winner - Lakshmi Swetha

Day - 18 - Lucky Winner - Athira Sooraj

Day - 17 - Lucky Winner - Sumayya Thaslim

Day - 16 - Lucky Winner - Nawal Althuaf

Day - 15 - Lucky Winner - Shabna Hussein

 Day - 14 - Lucky Winner - Aswathy M Kutty

 Day - 13 - Lucky Winner - Rahna Ajmal

 Day - 12 - Lucky Winner - Meera Manoj

 This spice belongs to the ginger family elettaria cardamomum and it is characterized by its aromatic flavor.

  Day - 11 - Lucky Winner - Minhal Abdul Latheef

 Day - 10 - Lucky Winner - Jeema Jahangir

Day - 9 - Lucky Winner - Fasna Noushad

Day - 8 - Lucky Winner - Raksha Kamat

Day 7 - Lucky Winner - Rumana Irfan

As this was a conflicting ans, a little description..

Lebanon has some very ancient saffron cultivation. However, due to the
war  there was no news from known producers for several months and thus could not
proceed with  examination of local qualities.

Then Greece came to be known as origin .

Day - 6 - Lucky Winner - Ganga Sreekanth Nair

Day - 5 - Lucky Winner -  Rejeena Mustafa

Day - 4 - Lucky Winner - Noora Ashraf

  Day 3 - Lucky Winner - Durdana Farhat 

  Day 2 - Lucky WinnerShiya Fiya 

  Day 1 - May 12 Lucky Winner - Meera Manoj

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Food Quiz Surprises !!

                         Was really busy for sometime...Felt like introducing something new here...So how about a quiz??? What do you feel...? Anyone can participate...All those who love food..

Link to Quiz

Rules : -

1. This will be a daily quiz  taking place in my facebook page..
2. All should comment the answer below.
3. Even if you like the correct answer, your name would NOT be considered.
4. Every day from all those who have given the right answer (in comments), a lucky random person would be selected.
5. I would mention the name (lucky winner of the day) the next day itself on the same post.
6.Weekly, among the 7 daily winners, a random winner would be selected.
7. Monthly, among the  4 weekly winners, 1 random winner of the month would be selected.
8. If that month, the quiz is sponsored, there would be a giveaway for the monthly winner.

Extra chances of selection

1. Like my facebook page.
2. Follow me on my blog. (left side, below categories, add yourself there)
3. Follow me on Google +.
4. Like page of sponsor too.

               If you are new here, do let me know by commenting below...So lets have some fun...I'll try making it really informative too...This won't take much of your time too...Just read the question...Comment the answer below..Even if anyone have already answered the right one, you have to answer it again below..Only then your name would be considered...Don't forget that..
So READY ???

IF you have any doubts.. Just ask me..

The more you answer..more chances to win !!
Don't worry if it goes out wrong...You have the next day.. 
Any day can be yours !! Check your luck...

Interested sponsors.. (any gifts) ...pls contact me..
If you have a facebook page or blog(sponsors), sure guaranteed publicity through this quiz..

If winners do not respond within 2 days, a new winner will be selected for the same day...

Quiz Winners & Answers

1. May-June 

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