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Sunday, April 28, 2013

My 2nd, 3rd & 4th Liebster Blog Awards !!!!!!!!!!


           Well well !!! Really happy to announce that I received 3 Liebster blog awards recently...Sorry for posting it late...Want to know more about this award ?? here..My first Liebster blog Award..Have explained it really wonderfully there...11 facts about me is also there...Not really interested in writing it again...would definitely answer 11 questions....selected from the three bloggers who have awarded me such a wonderful recognition...

            Thanks a ton to my dear fellow bloggers ...Priya Anandakumar of Yummy Foods who is a constant & regular supporter of my blog with her lovely & valuable comments & Megha Singhal of Good Eats To Style ...& Sapana Behl of Cooking with Sapana ...You 3 made my day !!

          When I'm posting this award I'm having 134 followers...improved from last tym...ha ha ha...223 Google+ followers....1,716 followers in facebook....

Questions I was asked 

 1.Why did you start blogging ?
        To help out beginners who actually have a difficulty in cooking..Many might not admit it, but as I too have crossed that phase, I can get that feeling..This is the main reason I started blogging....

       But its becoming a passion for me now..Trying out new dishes (might be new for me !!) in the simplest way...I mainly concentrate on easy to make & recipes with easily available ingredients..Also its real fun & happiness conducting events in blogs...Have conducted 3 events, of which there was Giveaways for 2 events...& there was a food exhibition conducted during Easter which I received 121 entries !!
3.Food Sharing Exhibition Apr '13 

  Now this blog is dedicated for not only all who want to cook in a 'Simply Simple' manner !! 

2. What is the best food you ever had?
    According to my mood, choices of food do change...I just love having charcoal chicken any time...

3. Name one dish you always love to cook
    Actually I love baking it gives a special bliss to me & Prawns Pepper Masala which is always a crowd pleaser...

4.If you had all the time in the world for breakfast, what would you have tomorrow?
     Variety of Dosas...Ahh...My fav..not only 4 breakfast...any time..!! 

5. What is the most memorable moment in your life?
     The day my baby smiled for the very first time...looking at my face....Was waiting for that moment deliberately from the very first day i came to know that he was there within me..

6. Which type of movie do you prefer realistic or fiction?
    Realistic...I love animation movies too..

7. What is your hobby?
      Blogging(I'm getting addicted to this now)..trying out new dishes & its photography...& serving it to my family !!

8.Your favorite color and why
  Maroon....I don't know why...But it really makes my day !!

9.Five food stuff that will always be in your kitchen

 Bread , egg, biscuits , any juice, yoghurt.

10.Your favorite weekend activity

  Going for a movie.

11.One bad habit you want to quit.
       Being too sensitive...Get happy very fast, get sad very fast, get
 angry very fast, patch up very fast & cry very fast too...

11 questions for my fellow bloggers whom I'm gonna nominate


1.Why did you start blogging ? 
2. Five food stuff that will always be in your kitchen.
3.Which blog inspired/is inspiring you in blogging (can mention  about 2 blogs with their links)
4. The best photographed pic food of in your blog. (add the image)
5.Your favorite hobby.
6.The best costume/dress you love to wear.
7.Take a pic of the handbag you are using & show us.
8. Favorite juice.
9.What is the best quality in your partner/spouse (if not yet married..write about your future partner in your dreams..)
10. One ability/skill you wish you had.
11. One post you love in my blog..Saju's Tastes.... (provide the link..image is optional)  

11+ 11+11 blogs (33 blogs I'm going to nominate as I recieved 3 awards) 

1. Kamalika Chakrabarthy of Silence Sings with Kamalika C
2. Moumita Roy of Poetry of Food
3. Shailaja Reddy of Sahasra Recipes
4. Pramitha Avinash of Pramitha Love Cooking
5. Sujatha Muralidhar of Pepper Bowl
6. Abigail Raines of Manila Spoon
7. Karthi Alaiyeadzam of Sumanarthy's Kitchen 
8. Shahina Rasi of Shaain's Cooknotes 
9. Archana Vijay of Tangy Minds
10. Naaz Mateen of Ammi Rasoi
11. Femi Navaz of Femi's Kitchen 

12. Saigeetha S Pai of Geeths Dawath 
13. Preeti Jaipal of Kitchen Delicacies
14. Sheela Sharon of Corporate to Kitchen
15. Nimmy Raghu of Nimmy's Kitchen
16.Manasi S of Indian Delights
17. Shema George of Life Scoops
18. Sangeetha Madhav of Sangeetha's Kitchen
19. Prathibha Sreejith of Cook Ezee
20. Divya Shivaraman of Dishing
21. Chitrangada Kundu of Color & Spices
22. Madhavi K of Madhu's Indian Recipes

23. Pari Cash of Indian Vegetarian Recipes
24. Jannet of My Food Treasures
25. Ruwani Kumar of Ruwi's Kitchen 
26. Ruxana Gafoor of From My Own Kitchen 
27. Elly Yustina Ibrahim of Elly's Kitchen 
28. Dr. Puneet Aggarwal of After the Sunset  
29. Aara Shaikh of Sweets & Spices 
30. Vandana Dilip of Fine Flavours
31. Asiya Omar of My Healthy Happy Kitchen
32. Roshna of World of Tastes
33. Fathima Niyas of Fat's Kitchen  

I think its done !!!
Found out many new & interesting blogs ...Had great fun...
Do have a great time visiting these wonderful spaces...
Congratzzz bloggerss...Do comment below when you recieve & pass this award...Keep the chain locked..
Have a beautiful day... 


  1. Hii Thank You For Stopping by My blog!! And Nominating me For this wonderful award :) Received The award and Will surely Add in to my Next Post :) Will let you know again when I do So!! Thank you and Many Many Congratulations on your award!!!
    and hahaha your questions to us :) Love you!!!

  2. Tq so much dear for nominating me...

  3. thankz dear for passing the award...

  4. Congrats for ur awards Sajina.. Glad to know you more :-)

  5. Thanks Sajina for the award. I will update my blog with the post for this once I return from my vacation.

  6. Thank you for nominating my blog Sajina :)

  7. Thanks Sajina for nominating me and my blog for the Award!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing the award. Nice to know about you.

  9. congrats on your awards..good to know more about you and thanks for sharing it with me...

  10. Congrats dear and lovely to know a lot of things about you..

  11. Hi Sajina, thanks a lot for your award. I'm glad to receive a message from you. I will answer soon your questions.

  12. Congrats dear and thanks alot for passing to me...

  13. Thanks a lot for passing the award to me....Congrats for yours too...:)

  14. Glad to know more about you Sajina!! Congratulations for the awards :)

  15. Thanx Sajina for passing this Award...

  16. Congrats for the awards Sajina. Wish you all the best. Keep the good work going and stay in touch..

    Best Wishes from,
    CheenaChatti Chefs

  17. oh wow sajina... i admire you taking the effort to find out 33 blogs!!! :)

  18. Thx Saju! I have recived the award:)

  19. thanks a lot saju for including me...

  20. Thank you very much for my second leibster award and i got it from my beloved friend..Received with pleasure...and a big sorry for the delayed posting

  21. Congrats dear.hope you achieve a lot.

  22. Thanks a lot for the award dear! I will add it to my blog in my next post! Thanks much!!!

  23. Hi! I am a new follower, can you follow me back?


  24. Hi Sajina

    I have shared the award with other new bloggers.
    Check out my post

    Thanks for sharing the award with me


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