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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Carrot Shapes (Weekly Event with Giveaways) [Mar 4-Mar 10] '13

            This event was actually started just as a game in my facebook page...All insisted to give away prizes...for which I had to search for sponsors...But after the seeing the difficulties everyone had taken in preparing various designs with just mere carrots involving their creativity & talent, Even I was happy to announce the winners...This was a contest for 1 week...I received 26 entries...Each one had its own story, creativity, hard work & lots of thinking behind the screens...I selected 10 entries out from it as nominations..All were just soo good that its still a difficult task for me to announce the winners..

 Our Sponsors

1st Prize - By Afsath Abdul Salam of Kattoor Kafe
2nd Prize - By Shebeej Rms of Swapna Sanchari

         When I saw all the entries, even though I'm not an artist...I also gave a try & came out with something really simple...Hope you all like it...Its a Carrot Ruby Jewellery Set..Do comment below..


  1. These (pic 1) are the common shapes cut with carrots...
  2. So cut carrots in a different shape, take its pic & message/send it to me...
  3. Each person max of 2 pictures...
  4. No repetitions...& no copied pics...So lets start...
  5. Tag/share your friends & let them also play....
  6. If you have an facebook page or blog..Can also provide its link along...♥

So lets see the 10 Nominees..(only 1 pic per person is selected)

"Carrot Flowers" By Ganga Sreekanth Nair of "my favourite foods"
"Carrot Flower" By Misiriya Shareef of  My Kitchen Scrapbook
"4 Carrot tulips...with a tulip roseBy Aisha Sajid of fOODIES
"Star Flowers" By Bushra Zubair
"Wonderful twisted flower" By Quratulain Noor of Ainy Cooks..
"Carrot Tree with carrot bushes" By Ummu Salma 
With Carrot boat,man,house,tree,n flowers" By Anu Majida of Tricks n Treats.
"Carrot Bouquet" By Rahana Khaleel  of  Rahana's Magic Kitchen
"Carrot Rose Badge" By Shehali Sameer
"Burj Carrot Khalifa" By Poornima Harikrishnan

Now its Time for announcement of the 1st Prize

"Did see lots of hard work & patience...involved with talent..She just narrated a portion of the story..Life of PI...Even the thought was just amazing..Really awesome work..Don't know what all to notice...The person(PI) in the boat...along with many things just amazing...The use of a plastic cover as water cannot be unnoticed...The whole boat is itself enough for me to stop breathing..ha ha ha..Have created a cool background too...Hats off to you..I recieved one more entry of yours which is equally fabulous...Couldn't select both..Well Done Anu Majida..Congratzz..."

Now selecting the 2nd prize was more confusing to me as I found 3 entries as a tie...
Those entries were :

  1. "Carrot Flowers" By Ganga Sreekanth Nair of "my favourite foods"
  2. "Wonderful twisted flower" By Quratulain Noor of Ainy Cooks.
  3. "Carrot Bouquet" By Rahana Khaleel of  Rahana's Magic Kitchen
Out of which 1 is selected with the opinion of many as it had a more lively touch !!

"Couldn't believe its carrots...Real peach colored flowers in a cucumber basket...lovely...Even the use of spring onions is just perfect !!Keep up the good work...Hearty Congratz dear..."

Rest of the equally wonderful entries....

"A Carrot Swan with a Carrot Rose"
By Ganga Sreekanth Nair of "my favourite foods"
"Carrot Mushrooms & Flowers"
By Pramitha Avinash of Pramitha love cooking
"On a sunny day a carrot girl with a carrot tree flower"
By Shani Shajin
"SPRING DELIGHT:With sunflowers n butterflies"
By Anu Majida of Tricks n Treats

"Carrot Round flower & Carrot Lotus"
By Athira Sooraj of Blueberry
"Carrot flowers & long feathery leaves"
By Kubra Kubra Latheef

Add caption

"Carrot flowered Plate"
By Hafsa Nissar

"Carrot Bird"
By Rms Rms

"Carrot Curls"
By Zubu Pary
"Carrot Bush"
By Shafie Fahad

"Carrot Tree"
By Shiya Fiya
"Carrot village"
By Athira Sooraj of Blueberry
"Sweet Carrot Boat"
By Nazrin Arif

"Carrot ring Flowers with Carrot rings"
By Zubu Pary


  1. ആശംസകള്‍ ആശംസകള്‍

  2. proud of u anu,nee oru sambhavam thanne.....

  3. Wow,Amazing Contest and vegetable art!!I am dumbstruck seeing this... :)

    1. Thnx nisha...Evn i was amazed seeing d talent of each n every person....Lots of hardwrk, skill n talent in every pic u see above...was a very tough task deciding a winner...:)

  4. But M/S aNU mAJIDA ....... wer is the Tiger ????


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