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Monday, February 18, 2013

Strawberry Smoothie

          Ahh !! My favorite fruit...Strawberries.. I often prepare this lip smacking smoothie at home...but never got a chance to click a pic...Something really easy to make...It actually just fills your heart...You can have it without sugar, if you feel so..But I love the sweeter version..

          The yoghurt added imparts the smoothie a delicious & creamy consistency...with a perfect sour taste...Making you want more...Its just a perfect breakfast or lunch or after dinner smoothie..Actually you can have it any time..

         Strawberries aid in weight loss, reduce the risk of chronic disease & it is rich in fiber too...These fruits are highly appreciated due to its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness...I just love even looking into these strawberries...


2.Milk-1 glass
3.Water-1 glass
4.Yoghurt/ Low fat Yoghurt-4-5 tbps
5.Sugar-1/4 to 1/2 cup
6.Whipping cream/Milk-1 tsp per glass (optional)
7.Powdered sugar-1 tsp(optional)
8.Strawberry-1(chopped per glass) (optional)


~Blend milk along with thickly chopped strawberries for 1 min.
~Now add water, yoghurt & sugar accordingly & blend for 2 mins.
~Adjust the sweetness & sourness(strawberries or yoghurt) accordingly.
~Brush the tip of the serving glass with whipping cream.
~Dump the tip wet glass onto powdered the tip gets coated with it.
~Pour the smoothie into the glass.
~Add little of chopped strawberries into the smoothie..It really  enhances the taste...I bet..
~Pour little whipped cream on top too..

Prepare this smoothie with lots of love for your family & don't forget to send me the pic..:)

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  1. Pics looks very nice... yummy smoothy...

    1. Thnks rafeedaa..D smoothie was really creamy n yummyy too..give it a try n send me d pic..:)

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