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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My First Liebster Blog Award

             Something really interesting I received recently....A Liebster Blog Award..Didnt know what it was..Felt really surprised & happy too...Anyhow it was an Award..Should be something good..

             It was Kauser's Kitchen who nominated me for this award...(was lucky enough to be one of her favorites..!!)....I came to notice her at the time of my event Restyle My Taste ' which she joined me with her wonderful entry... Do check out her blog...Its really amazing...It was she who explained to me about this award...Later I googled to get more information as I was really new to this word even..I feel its new to everyone who's new enough to this blogging world..

             The effect of the Liebster Award is that there is no real award.... There are no judges, no special rules.... No website with an official team to congratulate you and hold your hand.... It's mostly what you want it to be..... If you receive the award, you can accept it and pass it along.... It's that easy.... Its an award for upcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers and for who someone believes deserve some recognition for their blogging... Cute Enough !!

          I'm having 89 followers for now...Might be a small number, but I have 1100 followers in facebook..&  I don't think that's a small number..Have 134 in my circle in google+ & have twitter followers too..But really feeling very lucky to receive such a recognition within just 7 months of blogging.... This basically boosts someone's blog reputation which is a fantastic idea and everyone deserves a chance at it! Special thanks to Kauser...!! Feeling honored to be nominated...

           This is a kind of  chain letter, a blogger to blogger award, in which you have to nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers...The word "liebster" is dearest/favorite in German, and still no one knows the origin of this lovely award....Supporting other bloggers and receiving support from them is one of the most rewarding parts of blogging....

          The Liebster Award is a recognition that is passed on from one small blogger to another as a way of supporting & helping each other grow their respective blogs.  Sort of a “hey, I like your blog and I’d like other’s to discover it, too”, sort of a thing....

Rules of the Award

1. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 interview questions you've been given by the person who nominated you.
3. Fabricate 11 new questions.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers and mention them in your post.
5. Tell the person who nominated you, along with the people whom you've nominated.

11 Random Facts About Me

1. I'm a very very friendly & fun-loving person...Do try talking to me if you have a doubt..
2. I love meeting new people & new places.
3. I hate to be silent, & to be in silence...
4. I get bored when reading books & love watching movies (same as my hubby)
5. I hate when anybody says that I'm fat or dark..(actually I'm not that dark..)
6. Loves when anybody tries out my dishes & provide their feedback... 
7. Not much interested in sports but my hubby does... 
8. Have studied in 3 different schools....& completed my engg degree too...
  • Gulf Model School, Dubai.
  • St.Josephs Convent GHS, Kollam, Kerala, India .
  • Our Own Indian School, Dubai.
  • Younus Clg of Engg, Kollam ,Kerala, India. (IT engg)
9. Being the youngest is the best thing...Love my parents, my sister & her two lovely angels...
10.  I love surprises !!
11. And last but not the least, I really love to be loved !! 
& happy enough to say I do have someone to love me to the fullest.... 

Questions I was asked

1.When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Had soo many wishes starting from being a princess, which later turned to being a teacher...& then I wanted to be an engineer, which I became....& finally I just want to be a happy person with everyone happy around me...

2.What's your favorite thing to have for dessert?
The quickest way to fill my heart is with a slice of Chocolate Cake or with my favorite Gulab Jamuns...

3.If you could travel back in time where would you want to go? 
 Nowhere...I love being in the present...:)
If you still insist, I would say, the day my baby was born..Want to see him in that way once again..& feel the happiness filled with tears with my whole family.... 

4.Did you ever wish you had a different name? If yes, what name?
I just love my name..Sajina...Specially when my friends called me Saju...Now I'm going to disclose a secret...I do have a nickname at home..It's Chinchu..:)

5.Where do you live and what do you like most about living there?
    I'm basically a Keralite born & bought up in Dubai..had my college days back in Kerala...After marriage reached back to my Dubai hometown...I just love this place..I think once you live here..It won't leave you..
   So many reasons to love this place...The lifestyle, different cuisine restaurants, easy availability of anything & moreover the safe nightlife..I don't think in any other place in the world can you see the malls & roads filled even at 2:00am..

6.If you could trade places with any TV character who would it be?
Tom & Jerry would be the best...Nobody in the world would be there who won't recognize them...& will get lots of love & cheers from all age groups...

7.Your favorite cuisine?.
Indian, Arabic & Chinese ..

8.What was the first thing you made in your kitchen?
Carrot halwa

9.What is the one feature you’d change about yourself and why? 
I get angry very fast...& you know why I deliberately want to change it...

10.What are your interests other than blogging?
Loving my family, watching movies & having an outing with my dears...& 1 more special thing.."Talking"...ha ha ha..I just love to talk..!!

11.What inspired you to begin blogging?
My hubby's words..." Something special in my cooking..."

My 11 questions for my fellow bloggers whom I have nominated..

  • What 4 words would you use to describe yourself?
  • What's your favorite drink?
  • One skill you wish you had!
  • Which was the first blog that you started following?
  • When was the last time you cried?
  • What you hate the most about people?
  • Do you think you’re a good judge of a person’s character? .
  • What is your favorite song?
  • What is worst about blogging?
  • What is your favorite TV show at the moment?
  • Your favorite color & fruit?
And finally...Lets see the Nominees for this wonderful Award..

1.A Peek into my Kitchen
2.Food Blog Events
3.Virunthu Unna Vaanga
4.My Cooking Journey
5.Sara's Tasty Buds
6.Priya Rao's Recipes
7.Sister's Cuisine
8.The Big Sweet Tooth
9.Kuk's Kitchen
10.Spicy Food
11.Kachuss Delight

And there it is whew!! Be sure to check out all these bloggers, all are excellent in their own way :) 
Really was a tough task selecting 11 fellow bloggers who didn't receive a Liebster blog Award yet !! Hope all these who are nominated by me are happy...
Thank you to all my followers and every comment I get, your words encourage me on to keep blogging!


  1. Congratzzz..............Sajina...

    1. Thnks shahina...Ur blog will also reach blues soon..:)

  2. thank u so much sajina... i'm having a tough time trying to finalise the 11 i need to give the award to... :)

    1. Ur welcome Rafeeda..I knw dat difficulty very well !
      Do let me knw whn u publish ..

    2. i forgot to let u know that i already published it and passed it on... fast action!!! ;)

    3. I went thru all d 11 blogs u nominated...Gud job Rafeeda..:)

  3. beautiful....that is something really encouraging. hope i will receive one some other day and i will also pass it on...because i will be happy to share that happiness with others like the way i had.

  4. happy to follow visit mine sometime :)

    1. Hey gud to visit ur blog too..Its really wnderful..never noticed till now..
      Dnt wrry u will too get one soon ..n get connected in dis chain of awards..

  5. Oh saju, just now i happened to read about this award... beautiful and brilliant.. As u mentioned, definitely it is a hard task... Thanks for sharing this with every minute details... It helps ur followers too to be aware of this... Good work good work... Keep up going..

    1. Gr8 compliment Athira...Im overwhelmed by ur wrds..Keep supporting..

  6. Hi dear, great to know more about you. And I'm with u on 2, 7 and 9. There's nothing better than a rich chocolate cake..yum.
    Keep rocking Sis.
    Have a wonderful day :)

    1. Ohh wooww gr8 to c u comment...
      Dnt remind keep reminding of the chocoate cake...:)
      N reay thnks 4 dis award so i cud open up myself...

  7. Congrats Sajinaa... and thank u!! glad to know abt u... i 'm jst the opp. i talk too less :) lemme chk whether i cn find 11 bloggers fr ths award...i get too less time to blog that i don think i cn do it as fast as Rafeeda.. :)) bt still shall give it a try soon.. Insha Allah

    1. Oh..thnk god u replied..I thought no one i selected is really interested in dis..Rafeedas action was really really fast..Evn im not dat fast..Dnt wrry tak ur tym n do let me knw whn u post it..:) N u do have a really lovely blog...:) Do visit my blog too...

  8. Congrats dear, n thank u so much for sharing the award with me:)

    1. Ur welcm viji..It was my pleasure...Do let me knw when u pass it on..

  9. I have already collected and posted and passed On the award Sajina thanks for he award.

    1. OHh...Really glad dat u passed on d award..:)
      wonderful reading abt u..Keep visitng..

  10. Hi Sajina
    thanks for introducing me to your lovely space...following u :)
    nice to know about u, Happy Blogging n wish u many more awards in future!

    1. Ohh..thnk u Sangeetha..U have such a very nice space dat i had to cm der..:)
      Do keep visiting..

  11. Congratzz dear :) n thank u soo much for remembering me.. may b am the last one to cmnt here... really sorry dear ... now only seen i din cmnt here :P ..By the by luvd ur way of writing :)


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