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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sweet Gooseberry Juice/ Nellikka(Amla) Juice

           Gooseberry has a sour taste and a sweet after taste.... Mostly people find it difficult to have the juice as it is salty & sour enough...So lets try something different..A sweeter version...This juice resembles the taste of lemon juice + sugarcane juice...Yes...the taste is really amazing ...I have tried this for the first time in my hubby's house...& it was a grand success...All were really fond of this juice....& more and more gooseberries were bought to me to prepare this juice & store in the refrigerator... So whoever comes..or whenever one feels thirsty...Gooseberry juice was at call..... If interested you can add little ginger juice to this...for the extra punch....

            The juice, prepared from this fruit is highly rejuvenating and nutritious.... Regular intake of Gooseberry juice helps in digestion, brings glow to the skin and hair, it even prevents hair from getting white.... The season of this fruit begins in December and extends to April with the  highest content of Vitamin C  which  helps in reducing blood cholesterol by dilating the blood vessels and there by reducing the blood pressure..... It also strengthens heart muscles.....Daily dose of gooseberry can relive you from day-today stresses....You can take out gooseberry juice and can even store and preserve it to use after the season.....


1.Gooseberry (Nellikka/Amla)-4 (large for 1 long glass)
2.Sugar-4-5 tbsp (or more)
3.Water-1 glass (in which you are serving)
4.A good strainer


~Cut/Chop the gooseberries deseeding them.
~Grind the thick sliced gooseberries.
~Add this to the blender along with 1/2 glass water & blend well.
~Filter/Strain off the grinded gooseberries to get a clean extract.
~Clean your blender with little water & then add the juice extract to this along with rest of the water to dilute it & also add sugar & blend well.
~Now open up & give it a taste..
~Adjust the sugar accordingly....
~Repeat the steps unless all the gooseberry pieces are used up.
~Refrigerate the juice in a glass or plastic  container. 
~You can store and use this juice for 15 days.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thnks Swathi..Do prepare it n send me a pic..:)

  2. refreshing and healthy juice with nellika...(we call it Nelli in Sri Lanka)
    I am your new follower,....thanks for sharing with the event

  3. Helo saju... I am ur new follower.... Bettr 2 say as new fan... I was searching for this kind of recipe wid nellika. Thanks a lot. But saju can v use honey instead of sugar???

  4. Great Blog!! Amla Juice is really good for health. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome.


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