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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Easy Semiya Payasam/ Vermicelli Kheer (Indian Dessert)

             This is  a very popular traditional Indian dessert, which is usually prepared at all special days including birthday, wedding or other festive occasions....It has a rich and creamy which vermicelli is sweetened with milk...Served warm, cold, or at room temperature, this creamy, delicious milk pudding is sure to please every age..Its the basic recipe here, but we can do a lot of improvisations to this to make it in your own style.... 

      So gonna enjoy this Republic day with something really sweet...something really INDIAN..I suppose..



1.Semiya (Vermicelli)-  200 gm (1 1/2 cup)
2.Water- 2 cup
3.Milk-1 litre
4.Sugar -12 tbsp
5.Ghee-2-3 tbsp
6.Nuts-1-2 tbsp
7.Raisins-2-3 tbsp
8.Milkmaid Condensed milk- 180 gm (2 small tins) (optional-else you can add extra sugar)
9.Cardamom powder (elakka podi/elaichi)-1 tsp
10.Salt- a pinch 


~Heat ghee in large non-stick heavy bottomed cookware or uruli.
~Roast nuts & then raisins & keep them aside.

~Into this ghee stir roast the semiya for 2 mins.
~Now add water & let it boil.

~Once it starts boiling add the milk & mix well & allow it to boil. (stir occasionally)

~When it starts boiling & raises, reduce the flame to low.
~Add milkmaid condensed milk & mix well.
~Check the sweetness & add the sugar accordingly .
~Cook till the semiya is soft (Take little in a spoon, cool it  & check)

~Off the flame & add the roasted nuts, raisins,salt & cardamom powder & mix well.

  Easy, Tasty & Yummyy Payasam is ready to serve !!

             As it cools down, it gets thicker.... So if you want 'Drinkable' payasam, add more milk accordingly... 
You can serve hot or cold or at room temperature too...
I love it in all ways !!

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