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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Banana Scrambled Egg Sweet - Kids Special !!

             This is a sweet I used to have in my childhood...Its a trademark of my mom.... Never have I seen this sweet being sold in any shop nor anyone making it except my sweet mom....I have seen many cooking the same sweet with only bananas(plantains), but not along with eggs..The natural taste of bananas & eggs meshes  together & gives a perfect blend of taste along with the special aroma of cardamoms...The riper the banana is, the easier it is to digest & yes...the more tastier...!!

             This is a very easy and sweet recipe with nutritious value and health benefits specially for kids..After an age of 1, this would be something perfect as an evening snack for them...Lets see the benefits of each item used in this recipe...

1.Bananas (Sweet plantain/ethakka) are without a doubt one of the tastiest, healthiest convenience foods that are available all year round.... They are an excellent source of carbohydrate, the preferred fuel for muscle activity...Very good for pregnant women...If you feel your baby to be slim, try this out...

2.Palm jaggery (karipetti)/Jaggery (sharkkara) is a natural sweetner and Energy Food...Its  rich in calcium, iron and other useful vitamins and minerals...It may be used sufficiently by people who suffer from diabetes...It is used as a substitute of sugar in the preparation of coffee, tea, etc....If you feel your kid is anaemic, or somewhat pale..palm jaggery is the answer...(high iron content)

3.Eggs as you all know apart from being inexpensive, they are a superfood which contain large amounts of protein, amino acids, vitamins & minerals....It has been proved that a breakfast with a boiled or poached egg before children goes to school may help them boost energy and improve their brain power.... The unborn baby also has a higher IQ when expectant mothers routinely intake one or two eggs a day.... Its also an important source of vitamin D, which is important in strengthening the bones and improving immunity.... & Many more benefits to say ..!!

The rest is milk,ghee & cardamom powder which is also very beneficial in their own ways for your kids...So here comes a perfect breakfast or an nutritious evening snack...

1.Ripe Plantain (ethakka)/Banana-2
3.Palm Jaggery (karipetti)/Jaggery (sharkara)/ Sugar-As required
4.Ghee/oil-1 tbsp
5.Milk-4 tbsp 
6.Cardamom powder-1/2 tsp or more


~Chop the plantains & keep them ready.
~Heat ghee/oil in a saucepan & saute the chopped bananas.
~Cover the lid & cook in medium flame till it becomes tender. (stir occasionally)
~Meanwhile melt palm jaggery/jaggery/sugar with little water & keep in low flame.
~Once the bananas are tender enough pour the melted palm jaggery with milk into this & mix well.
~Crack an egg into this with cardamom powder & stir well & cook for 1 min & remove from flame ..
~Check the sweetness & adjust accordingly.
~Garnish with desired nuts..

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  1. Replies
    1. Thnks Bibin...Do send me ur response as a pic..if u tried..

  2. Adipoli, My kid love ethakaappam. may e I can try this as change.

  3. Looks delicious..


    1. thnks Helen..Happy 2 follow u...hoping d same frm u..:)

  4. nice recipe...first time her. lovely space. happy to follow you

  5. hey...never tried with jaggery... we always added sugar whereas jaggery makes it more healthier... ll add it nex time


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