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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Event Round-up ....Restyle My Taste !! '12

                 It was really wonderful hosting such an event...As its my very first event i was not sure about the participation...But towards the ending, the contest was sooo fabulous...All were really enthusiastic in preparing my dishes & decorating them..At last i received 60 entries from 21 very talented  & (not to forget) totally creative participants...It was a successful Event...Thanks to all ...So lets see the winners...

          All the participants are requested to collect (click on your badge & then copy it/save as) their respective badges & post it in your facebook timeline / blog/ twitter page..So there's something for everyone...


1. Best Presentaion Award 1 Shine Albert Kochus
2. Best Presentaion Award 2 - Bishar B N My hubby..:)
3. Top Contributor Award - Geen Parappuram
Page owner of : Kaleidoscope of our life 
4. Most liked pic Award - Mohammed Aniiz Nujum 


  Best Presentation Award 1 

(presented to it was tie...)

Entry of Shehali Sameer...Fish Roast

I must say it looks fantabulous..!! Specially the edible Christmas fruit tree...

"Heres ur recipe decorated my way.....................
Its fish roast(king fish).............tastes really gud and easy to prepare also. goes well with chappathi and rice....
Thank u for conducting such contest.........its really helpful for showcasing our little talents............"


 Best Presentation Award 2 

Entry of Nawal Althuaf.....Ball Cakes / Unniyappam Cakes

Very very cute presentation...Must have taken much time preparing the small dwarfs..Really innovative..!!

" Really softtt n yummyyy !!!! Heres my tried pic... thanks a ton 4 dis wonderful recipe!!"

Top Contributor Award

            There were 20 entries of Athira Sooraj...She did a lot of hardwork to do that within 1 month..& the 2 of her entries were nominated for the best presentation too..Hats off to Athira...

1. Dates Carrot Cake
" A Spongy moist cake with the blend taste of carrot and dates, which got over the very next moment... I got a very small piece to taste, the rest i served with tea to my family including my brother n wife...
I felt its very easy to prepare, mixing etc done in a couple of minutes. I had used maida and dalda for the cake mix. I tried this in cooker as well as in Microwave. The timing which mentioned in the recipe is lil bit high i guess. ..I guess 25 minutes would be enough to get it cooked....Same batter i prepared in Microwave. In less than a minute i made it and it was sooo spongy and tasty !!"

"I have never tasted such a crispy crunchy sweet cutlet in my life time... Quite mouth watering/delicious/healthy.. no words.. Can feel the taste only by having it...
If v r giving normal cutlet shape, its quite easy to prepare. But I spend a little more time to give a different shape to it. So that v can attract kids.. I have taken extreme care to retain its share while frying... Never expected this much crunchy it would be... I have got full mark from my family :D
Sajina Bishar, I want to thank you for introducing such a delicious recipe.. "


Most Liked Pic Award

Entry of Nibina Sarhia.... Banana Coconut Bread Toast

This pic received 189 likes in facebook...Congratz Nibina..
She submitted upto 13 entries..

Another entry of Nibina got nominated for Best Presentation..

Best Presentation Badge Winners


 2. Saneeba Rafiq... Chicken Vadza / Chicken Donuts


3. Lekshmi J Nair .... Easy Carrot Halwa (Gajjar ka Halwa)

5. Rumana Irfan.... Bread Pudding / Bread Kinnathappam 

 6. Thasleena Gadhafi... Easy Pudding (with/without) Tender Coconut

7. Ashna Arshad.... Paneer Bread Rolls



 Participation Badges 

4 entries
Banana Chocolate Cake (Butterless Easy Recipe)

Sukhiyan / Modakam /Green Gram Balls

1 entry

Chicken Vadza / Chicken Donuts
Sweet Bread Balls
1 entry

2 entries
Carrot Shake (Hot/Cold)

1 entry
Custard Fruit Salad

1 entry
Crispy Fried Chicken

1 entry
Potato Carrot Masala /Subji

1 entry
Spicy Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk

1 entry
Egg Curry with Coconut & Green Chilly

1 entry
Pepper Chicken

Rest of the wonderful entries

Banana Oats Smoothie - Athira Sooraj
vegetable Kurma - Athira Sooraj

Sweet Bread Balls - Athira Sooraj
Custard Fruit Salad - Nibina Sarhia
Cauliflower Fritters - Nibina Sarhia
Pepper Chicken - Thasleena Gadhafi
Dates Almond Cake - Athira Sooraj
Szechuan Chicken Curry - Thasleena Gadhafi
Spicy White Chickpeas Curry - Rumana Irfan
Bread Egg Scrambles - Nibina Sarhia

Chicken Cutlet - Athira Sooraj
Sweet Bread Balls - Nibina Sarhia
Coco Grape Drink - Nibina Sarhia
Sweet Boli (Pancakes) - Athira Sooraj
Chicken Curry with coconut milk - Thasleena Gadhafi
Filling of Masala Dosa - Nibina Sarhia
Banana Coconut Bread Toast - Athira Sooraj
Easy Carrot Halwa - Athira Sorraj
Bread Pudding - Nibina Sarhia
Carrot Shake - Nibina Sarhia
Egg Curry with coconut & Green chilly - Athira Sooraj
Bread Pudding - Athira Sooraj
Tomato Onion Chutney - Nibina Sarhia
Sukhiyan/ Green Gram balls - Nibina Sarhia
Egg Potato Sandwich - Athira Sooraj
Badam Dates Shake - Athira Sooraj
Pepper Chicken-Athira Sooraj
Meen Pathiri - Athira Sooraj
Spicy Chicken Curry with coconut Milk - Athira Sooraj
Spicy Prawns Curry - Athira Sooraj
Ball Cakes - Athira Sooraj

Thanks for visiting my space...Sure must have been a feast for your eyes...


  1. super. blog kidilam aayittund..........
    wat a designing...............
    good patience...............

  2. Great Work dear.. Keep rocking

  3. Lovely roundup,Neat work Sajina
    yummy dishes and beautifully presented..congrats to all the winners!

  4. sajnatha super blog,...lovely dishes..and congratz to all winners ..

  5. Wow!!..Congratzz to you to hold this lovely event :)

  6. wow... excellent presentations....wish we could taste them tooo..

  7. Wonderful roundup Saju..Thnx for the lovely badge and congrats to all the winners..Cheers!
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead dear :)

  8. congratulation for the successful event and great work saju and thanks for the presentation badge :)


  9. I'm glad to see some blogger shown up with brilliantly, congratz to all winner.

  10. Wonderful round ups!!! Congrats to all the participants!!!! Congrats for your successful round ups too!!!

  11. Gr8 round up and congrats to all the winners.

  12. Congrats to all winners....wonderful round up.

  13. Congrats to all the winners..Lovely roundups, dear..

  14. wow ,food art!! & everything looks so delicious! Good work u'll :)

  15. OMG! i cant stop looking at the awesome clicks!!! congrats to winners!
    Happy to follow you, I would be glad, if you stop by mine too!
    Good Food Recipes

  16. wonderful round up,..congrats to all the winners..

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