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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tomato Onion Chutney/ Thakkali Ulli Chammanthi/ Thakkali Vengaya Chutney :)

         This is a  heart warming South Indian chutney without the usage of coconut....Sauteed ripe red tomatoes with onions & flavors are pureed to perfection ..Usually we'll get to have this in most of the South Indian restaurants along with dosas & idlis...

          By adding and changing few ingredients we can change the taste of this wonderful chutney.....We can exchange onions with small onions...the sweet nature of the small onions enhances the taste of the chutney....Can add ginger & garlic if interested in its taste...Can add fenugreek seeds for an extra flavour & aroma...Can season the chutney with oil, mustard seeds & curry leaves after pureeing...& many other variations too...I have provided here the easiest version  of this chutney...& it tastes very well too...If you try any one of these let  me know or post its pic in my facebook page...(hoping to get some )....

           Serve warm with Dosa, hot idlies, utthappam & also a wonderful accompaniment for deep-fried snacks (try using this once instead of tomato hubby's option)....


1.Tomato-3 (large..chopped)
2.Onion-2 (medium...sliced)
3.Green chilly-3
4.Coriander powder-1 tsp
5.Cumin seeds powder (cheriya jeeraka podi)-1 tsp
6.Curry leaves-1 or 2 springs
7.Tamarind pulp (Soak tamarind seeds in little water)
8.Oil-2 tbsp


~Heat oil in a small kadai or saucepan.
~Add cumin seeds powder & coriander powder & stir for 1min in medium heat.

~Add onions with little salt & saute them well.
~Add slit green chillies & curry leaves & saute for 1 min.

~Now add the chopped tomatoes & saute them until mushy in high to medium heat.

~Squeeze out little of tamarind pulp into this.
~Check the salt & spice & adjust salt, tamarind pulp & add chilly powder if more spice is needed.
~Remove from flame & let it cool.
~Puree this mix into a smooth chutney.

~Sometimes the water of the tomatoes might only be enough to grind them...else puree it with 2 tbsp or little more milk..(milk is only needed to get the mix grinded...don't add more than that...if milk is not available water is also fine..)

Tangy & Spicy Chutney readyy !!!

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  1. Love this chutney i make most often.

    1. Yea same here Swathi...whch 1 do u usually prepare? same as my recipe? or with any variations mentioned above?

    2. I wont add any spices except red chili and no tamarind in mine.Thanks for sharing with Favorite recipes event: Vegetarian recipes

    3. Ur welcm Swathi...Do try this type d next tym n post in pic in my fb page..:)


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