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Monday, October 8, 2012

Szechuan Chicken Curry (Quick & Easy)

          This dish just makes a great lunch/dinner idea who is craving for something Chinese.....It's a very simple, quick recipe for Szechuan-style chicken with basic ingredients.... This is usually served over white rice, fried rice, vegetable pulao (my favorite)...also goes with any type of bread, rotis, chappathis, parathas & dosas too..
           Szechuan cooking is usually pretty spicy, but this recipe is surprisingly mild (can add adjust the spice according to your taste).....chicken pieces are tossed in a spicy and flavorful sauce giving in an amazing moist flavor...the main spiciness of this dish comes from dried red chilies.... I know authentically you would be using Szechuan peppercorns but these can be a little hard to find in some places.....a light coating of cornstarch is preferred as i love my chicken bits to be a little crispy....


1.Chicken-1 kg
2.Cornflour/Cornstarch-3 1/4 tbsp
3.Soya sauce- 5 1/2 tbsp
4.Tomato ketchup-1 tbsp
5.Onion-3  (large)
6.White Vinegar-1 1/2 tbsp
7.Sugar-1/2 tbsp
8.Dry red chilly(vattal mulaku)-5 long ones
9.Water-1/2 cup
10.Oil-3 tbsp
11.Garlic-5 pods (thickly chopped)
12.Capsicum (Ball Pepper)-1 (chopped) (optional)


~Soak dry red chillies in warm water for 10 mins.
~Drain the water & grind the red chillies & keep aside.

~Chop onions in the Chinese method.(usually seen only for Chinese dishes)
~Cut them into two pieces..take each piece & slice it diagonally & then into squares..


~Clean the chicken pieces, pat dry them & take them in a bowl.
~Add 3 tbsp cornflour to this & coat the chickens well with your hands (or toss them properly)

~Heat oil in a non-stick kadai (Indian wok),reduce the flame & add the prepared chicken & garlic to this.
~Stir-fy this chicken for 3-4 mins in medium heat & off the flame.
~Transfer this half-fried chicken & garlic to a pressure cooker along with water, 1 tbsp vinegar, 5 tbsp soya sauce, chopped onions, chopped capsicum & 1 tbsp of grinded red chilly paste & cook till 2-3 whistles (till the chicken becomes tender)

~After release of steam open it & transfer the cooked chicken mix back to the kadai & heat in low flame.
~Add tomato ketchup & sugar & mix well & cook for 2 mins.

~Adjust rest of chilly paste(increase if you want it more spicy), 1/2 tbsp vinegar,1/2 tbsp soya sauce(low sodium content would be perfect) accordingly. 
~Mix 1/2 tsp cornflour in 1 tbsp water & pour it into the curry & mix well.
~The sauce will turn slightly thickened and glossy within 2 mins.
~Remove from flame & just give it a taste..

A deliciously moist & tasty way to have chicken !!!


  1. Hi Sajina, sorry for not adding all the pictures on the round up. it was difficult to add all the pictures and publish it. so had to resort to adding only one picture per person. if you want any particular dish picture please let me know. will do that.
    between the szechuan curry looks fantastic.


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