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Friday, October 19, 2012

Lady'sfinger Curry/ Vendakkai Mandi/ Bhindi(Green okra ) Gravy Masala

            Lady'sfinger  Curry is an authentic kerala (South India) style of curry. Its aroma and flavor is so delicious that you will enjoy this curry. Also known as Vendakkai Puli (Lady'sfinger Tamarind Curry) in the Palakkad region of Kerala... 

          The taste of this curry resembles the Indian vegetable stew called Sambar which is also one of my all time favorites.. But this curry is much much easier than its preparation...Our Vendakkai Mandi has a slight taste of Rasam (Tamarind curry) too...

          Here there is only one vegetable (Lady'sfinger) & is benefitted with less time consuming steps ... My hubby loves this as this sticky vegetable gets transformed into crispy and a chewy veggie....Adding some kind of souring agent to Okras while making the dish tends to reduce its stickiness..... The acidity reacts with the liquid from Okra and reduces the slime when cooking the veggie...Here i have added  tomato for the same reason....Can serve with hot rice (any type of rice), dosas, idlis, uthappam, chappathi/roti or any bread.


1.Lady'sfinger/okra/vendakkai/bhindi-20 or more
2.Onion-2 (medium..sliced)
3.Tomato- 1 (medium) (chopped)
4.Garlic pods-4 (sliced)
5.Garlic (grated)-1 tsp
6.Ginger (grated)-1 tsp
7.Green chilly-3 (slit into halves)
8.Mustard seeds-1 tsp
9.Cumin seeds powder (cheriya jeeraka podi)-1 tsp
10.Asafoetida (kayam)-1/4 tsp
11.Red chilly powder-1 tsp
12.Coriander powder-1 1/4 tsp
13.Salt- 3/4 tsp (according to taste)
14.Tamarind pulp (according to sourness)
15.Curry leaves-1 spring
16.Oil-3 tbsp
17.Water- 1 cup (or 1 1/2 cup)
18.Cornflour/Rice flour-1 tbsp/ 1 1/2 tbsp 

Preparation (of lady'sfinger)

~Choose fresh lady'sfingers for the curry.
~Wash the lady'sfingers properly and cut it into small  blocks.
~Heat 1 tbsp oil in a kadai (Indian wok) & add mustards seeds & wait.

~When they stop spluttering add the chopped ladysfingers, chopped garlic, slit green chilly,1/4 tsp salt & curry leaves & fry for 3 mins in medium flame. (stir occasionally)

~Transfer these into a bowl/plate.

Preparation (of gravy)

~Pour the rest of the oil into the same kadai & saute grated ginger & garlic for 1min.

~Now saute the sliced onions with 1/4 tsp salt.
~Soak the tamarind seeds in little water.
~Add the chopped tomato & saute well until mushy.
~Add all the powders to & stir cook for 1 min. (cumin seeds powder, red chilly powder, coriander powder & asafoetida)
~Squeeze little tamarind pulp into this (avoiding the seeds)

~Take 1 cup water & add cornflour/rice flour into it & mix well without lumps. 

~Add this thin cornflour water to the gravy & let it boil.
~Once it boils add the fried lady'sfinger along with other fried ingredients into this.

~Combine them well & check its taste.
~Adjust salt, tamarind pulp & chilly powder accordingly.
~Cook for 2 mins in low flame  until the gravy becomes thick & then remove from flame.

Tasty vendakkai gravy is ready...
Just have a lickk...!!

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