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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10 mins Fruit Pudding/ Pazha Maanga Payasam/ Ethakka Mambazha Payasam/ Sweet Plantain(Banana) & Mango Kheer

          With the winter reaching nearer, I thought of posting a warm, simple, healthy & sweet payasam/kheer with the yummy mangoes & bananas..Sweet plantain would taste more better i feel so....They are firmer and rich in protein.... The blacker the plantain skin gets the more tasty (sweet) it turns....Even the mangoes..So more riper the fruits are...less time (as it would get roasted at a faster rate) & sugar would be required...Its an authentic Kerala dessert...

          Can be served during feasts like Onam , ceremonies, festivals or simply at home when you & your family just crave to have something sweet...This Kheer is really healthy for kids (specially babies..smash the fruits & avoid nuts & raisins for them) all the fruits included, are best for their growth ...Actually mixing these fruits together was just a try...Came out really well..We really enjoyed this warm sweet...specially my hubby & baby who found his favorite fruits altogether..!!


1.Sweet Plantain (ripe)-1 (big)/ Banana(chiquita)-2 (ripe)
2.Mango (ripe)- 1 (medium)
3.Ghee-1 1/2 tsp
4.Sugar-1 tbsp
5.Jaggery (sharkkara)/ Palm Jaggery(karipetti)- 1 tbsp (grated) [optional..can use sugar instead]
6.Cashew nuts-6 or more (Slit open the nuts)
7.Raisins-1 tbsp
8.Dates (pitted)-5 [optional]
9.Milk/ Coconut milk-2 cup
10.Water-1/4 cup [optional]
11.Semolina/ Rava- 1 tbsp (to get a thicker consistency)
12.Cardamom powder-3/4 tsp


~Chop the mango & banana into irregular shaped small cubes. 

~Heat a saucepan & pour 1 tsp of un-melted ghee & melt it.
~Roast the nuts & raisins for 2 mins & transfer it 2 a small bowl.

~Pour rest of the un-melted ghee into the same saucepan & add the chopped mango & sweet plantain(ethakka)/banana & stir-fry them for 1 min until they start sticking to the bottom.
~Don't smash the fruits a lot...Let the small chunks be visible..
~Pour 1/4 cup water/milk & allow it to boil in medium flame.

~Now pour milk & sugar along with jaggery/palm jaggery allow it to boil perfectly.
~At this time add semolina along with cardamom powder & mix well.
~Check its sweetness & adjust sugar accordingly (if adding careful of the sweetness)...a pinch of salt can also be added to get a perfect sweetness.
~Off the flame when the required consistency is obtained.
~Add  roasted nuts along with raisins & mix well.

~Garnish with chopped dates & serve warm...some might like it cold too... In that case cool & refrigerate..

Didn't you find this really easy...
A perfect way to finish a family meal with a healthy sweet touch !!

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  1. Payasam looks yummy,the combination sounds great

    1. Thnks Suja..Do giv it a try dosen't take much of ur tym..:)

  2. Payasam adipoli looks really delicious.

  3. Delicious have a great space here.. glad to follow you :)

    1. Hey Hima...thnks 4 d compliment...saw ur space too..:)


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