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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sweet Bread Balls (Quick & Instant)

            These balls are really unique and tastes great and very easy to prepare as well....  It is a recipe for starters & even kids can prepare it (frying part only for grown ups)......if you have all the ingredients ready with you..only 10 mins would take to prepare & serve this to your guests...easy to fry too...won't take much of your time...

      Atleast try this once & let me know the results...I'm sure this would become one of a special sweet of yours in your cooking menu ..these are delightful, semi-crunchy snacks that the kids will absolutely adore..It can be served as a simple Evening sweet snack item...


1.Bread slices-5
2.Coconut (grated)-1/2 cup
3.Egg-1/ Milk- required to make a soft dough (use milk only if you don't want to use an egg)
4.Sugar-1 1/4 tbsp
5.Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
6.Oil- for frying


~Remove the crusts(brown sides) of each bread.

~Shred each bread into small pieces with your fingers.

~Crack an egg into it along with sugar, coconut & cardamom powder. (use milk instead of egg if you want it completely vegetarian)

~Mix all the ingredients together with your hands & make it into a smooth dough.

~Make small balls out of it & keep it a plate.

~Heat oil in a kadai (deep bottomed vessel) & deep fry these balls until golden brown  in medium heat.


~Turn the balls faster as it fries at a faster rate..
~Don't burn these sweet easy balls.

Very easy & tasty bread jamuns are ready !!!

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  1. Hi,

    Lovely and yummy it looks. Just looks like gulab jamoon.

    Bookmarked this and will try them soon.



    1. Thnks try it n let me knw ur xperience..:) Anyways i saw ur blog too...i've started following it.,..w8ng 4 wnderful dishes...

  2. Hi

    Glad to know that u r a blogger too... Luvd ur place. Ur post in ammachiyude adukkala brought me here.

    1. Thnks hasna for visiting my blog...keep updating urself with easy n tasy dishes of mine..hoping to find you here again..:-)

  3. da itrem naal njn adukkalede padi kerittilla due to bc clg days...sinc its vacation nw,i started cooking with this 1..adipoli aaayrnnu..ellarkkum ishtamay..packet kanakkine bread veetkar vangittannekkua ithu undakkan.. :P thanx dear..u rock! :)

    1. Hey thnks reshma for trying these sweet balls & making everyone happy @ your home by entering your kitchen (which had a no-entry board till now)..hihi..keep visiting & try all the easy ones first..:-)

  4. ey sajina..tried it..came out very well..thnks for the wonderful recipe.. :) :)

    1. Thnks priyaa...glad 2 knw it came out keep visiting & share ur suggestions..

  5. Hai my dear...

    Me too tried this easy snack last day...It was so amazing dear..All those items are in my house every day..But i didnt even thought about such a combination.My office mates are waiting every monday for a special dish from me now...But they dont know my secret of cooking....ha...ha....ha...Thank you very much my dear...

    1. woww..gud 2 hear from u..moreover im happy dat ur preparing my dishes every sunday..lucky peple at ur keep updating urself with easy n yummy dishes...


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