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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spicy Vegetable Curry

        This veggie dish is spicy enough, with lots of vegetables mixed in a tomato base, that is flavored with Indian spices.... This curry goes really well with rotis, chapathis, dosas, parathas, nans, pooris or any type of bread... Keeping the base gravy the same, any one vegetable or combination of vegetables can be used..... Those suggested are, either only potato or only cauliflower or both potato and cauliflower, including or excluding carrots, beans and peas....Here i have added potato,carrot & beans which is my favorite combination...

        Those who are interested (like my hubby) in trying a variety dish in your vegetarian menu apart from normal is your recipe..


1.Potato- 1 (medium)
2.Carrot- 1 (large)
3.Beans- 20-25
4.Onion-1 (large..chopped)
5.Ginger (grated)-1 tsp
6.Garlic (grated)-2 tsp
7.Tomato-3 (large)
8.Coriander leaves (chopped)-1 or 2 tbsp

Ingredients (for the ground mix)

9.Cloves (grambu)-4
10.Dry red chilly (vattal mulaku)-2
11.Fennel seeds-2 tsp/ Fennel seeds powder-1 tsp
12.Coriander seeds (dhania) (malli)-3 tbsp/ coriander powder-2 1/2 tbsp 

Preparation (of ground mix)

~Roast cloves, dry red chilly, fennel seeds & coriander seeds in medium flame for 2-3 mins.
~If using fennel seeds powder & corinander powder just roast cloves & red chilly.
~Then off the flame & add the powders & stir well. (else the powders might burn)
~Let it cool & then grind it to a smooth paste with little water.

Preparation (of tomato base)

~Heat 1 tbsp oil in a kadai.
~Saute the onion along with salt.
~Add ginger & garlic & saute for 1 min.
~Add the tomatoes & increase the flame little & cook till they become mushy.
~Off the flame & transfer it to a bowl & let it cool.
~Can grind this to a paste or use it as such.(both are tasty..i have not grinded) 

Preparation (of vegetables)

~Wash, clean & chop all the vegetables & add them to a pressure cooker.

~Add water (enough so that all vegetables are dipped in it)  & 1 tsp salt along with it.
~Close the pressure cooker & cook till 3 whistles.
~Keep aside the stock (water of the cooked vegetables) for later use.

Preparation (of curry)

~Heat 1 tbsp oil in same kadai in which tomato base was prepared.
~Add the prepared tomato base & heat it.
~Pour the stock of cooked vegetables to this & cook in high flame for 10 mins (stir occasionally)
~Add the prepared ground paste & mix well & cook for another 5 mins allowing the spices to combine.(stir occasionally)
~Add the cooked vegetables along with coriander leaves & mix well & cook for 5mins in medium flame till the gravy thickens according to your style.

Enjoy a healthy & spicy dinner !!

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