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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rava ladoo with Green Gram Pearls / Rava Fried Balls (Rava Sukhiyan)

Ladoo (Unfried version)
         Rava ladoo & Sukhiyan/Modakam/Green gram balls are very common sweets for all Indians...I was in the kitchen to prepare rava ladoo (a famous Diwali sweet), but this time I wanted to try a different version for a change...

         Added cooked green grams instead of adding milk in rava ladoo to get the ladoo (roundel) shape along with roasted nuts & raisins....It tasted delicious than the original rava ladoos..We ate half of what i cooked as ladoos itself & the rest I deep fried with a thick batter used in sukhiyan (a tea-time sweet snack of kerala), & that too came out to be a great success...I recommend it having it as ladoos itself as you can avoid the extra absorption of oil in it during frying...But it depends on the taste of each fry half & have the rest half as ladoos...

Fried Version

So now lets quickly get to the recipe...

Ingredients (for ladoo)

1.Semolina (Rava/Sooji/Ferni)-1 cup
2.Sugar-3/4 cup
3.Coconut (grated)-1 cup
4.Green gram(cherupayar/moong)-1/2 cup
5.Cashew nuts-10 to 12 (chopped finely)
6.Raisins-2 tbsp (chopped)
7.Cardamom powder-1 tsp
8.Ghee-1 or 2 tsp to roast nuts & raisins
9.Oil- for frying (can use this ladoo without frying too..)
10.Salt-1/4 tsp

Ingredients (for frying) 

11.Whole Wheat Flour (Atta)-4 heapful tbsp
12.All Pupose Flour (Maida)-2 heapful tbsp
13.Sugar-1 1/2 tbsp
14.Salt-1/4 tsp
15.Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp

Preparation(of ladoo)

~Pressure cook the green gram with enough water (mostly 1 or 2 cups) with 1/4 salt for 4 whistles.(don't over cook them)
~Open after the steam has released & drain excess water (if its there) & shift it to a bowl.

~Roast rava in a saucepan for 2 to 3 mins until you get its fine aroma.

~Now reduce its flame & add coconut, sugar & cardamom powder & mix well.
~Cook for 1 or 2 mins. (check its sweetness & add more sugar..)

~Shift this rava mix to a large bowl.
~Pour ghee into the same saucepan & heat it.
~Add the chopped nuts to it & roast it,,
~Once the color of the nuts starts to change off the flame & add the chopped raisins & stir well.

~Add the nuts & raisins mix as well as the cooked green gram to the rava mix & mix well with a spoon.

~When you feel its now the right temperature you can touch the mix, start mixing it with your clean hands.
~Prepare small ladoos out of this & transfer it to a plate.

It was very tasty, soft and divine and just melted in our mouths......
I love eating it in this form itself...Sweet Rava Ladoos with the special attraction of Green gram pearls are ready !!!

But my husband preferred the fried ones, lets see that too...i found that also i have a sweeth tooth...:-)

Prepration (of frying)

~Mix all the ingredients for frying in a bowl.
~Make it into a thick batter.
~Heat enough oil in a kadai (indian wok) for deep frying these ladoos.
~When the oil is hot enough, dip these ladoos individually in this batter & deep fry it..(don't over crowd)
~Fry until golden brown in color.

Tasty fried rava green gram balls are ready !!!

This is somewhat similar to Sukhiyan/Modakam/Green gram balls...
The procedure might look loonger but it won't take much time...
It came out extremely well and super perfect and we all enjoyed it a lot..... 

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bread Egg Scrambles (Indian Style)

         Here is an easy breakfast or a tasty evening snack for my dear friends...This snack is attractive since bread & eggs are together with our wonderful Indian spices, making it a real meal in one...After preparing this, its path from frying pan to plate then from your fork/spoon to your tongue where it melts to your belly is as short as possible.....They will have just a short lifespan...Just try preparing it & you'll know it better & let me know it too...A big thanks to Lekshmi Bonick who shared this recipe with me..:-) 


1.Onion -3 (medium) (chopped finely)
2.Bread -2 or 3 slices
4.Tomato-1 (medium) (chopped)
5.Chilly powder-1 tsp
6.Green chilly-1 (slit length-wise & chopped finely)
7.Pepper-1/4 tsp
8.Garam masala-1 tsp
9.Coriander powder-1/2 tsp
11.Oil- 1 tbsp
12.Salt -according to taste
13.Coriander leaves- to garnish


~Slice bread  into small rectangular cubes.

~Heat 1 tbsp oil with 1 tsp ghee in a saucepan.
~Saute chopped onions with 1/2 tsp salt until transparent.
~Add tomato saute till they become mushy.

~Add green chilly with pepper & chilly powder & mix well & cook for 1 min.
~Now add eggs one by one & stir (whisk) well ...the eggs will get crumbled.
~Add garam masala to this with 1 tsp or 1/2 tsp ghee according to your choice to make it smooth.
~Check & adjust salt & chilly powder according to your taste.

~Add the sliced bread pieces to this & mix well.
~Cook for 5 to 6 mins in low flame with the lid (stir occasionally).

~Remove from flame & garnish with coriander leaves.

Spicy bread egg scrambles are ready to fill your tummy !!!
Just love this perfect combo... !!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sweet Bread Balls (Quick & Instant)

            These balls are really unique and tastes great and very easy to prepare as well....  It is a recipe for starters & even kids can prepare it (frying part only for grown ups)......if you have all the ingredients ready with you..only 10 mins would take to prepare & serve this to your guests...easy to fry too...won't take much of your time...

      Atleast try this once & let me know the results...I'm sure this would become one of a special sweet of yours in your cooking menu ..these are delightful, semi-crunchy snacks that the kids will absolutely adore..It can be served as a simple Evening sweet snack item...


1.Bread slices-5
2.Coconut (grated)-1/2 cup
3.Egg-1/ Milk- required to make a soft dough (use milk only if you don't want to use an egg)
4.Sugar-1 1/4 tbsp
5.Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
6.Oil- for frying


~Remove the crusts(brown sides) of each bread.

~Shred each bread into small pieces with your fingers.

~Crack an egg into it along with sugar, coconut & cardamom powder. (use milk instead of egg if you want it completely vegetarian)

~Mix all the ingredients together with your hands & make it into a smooth dough.

~Make small balls out of it & keep it a plate.

~Heat oil in a kadai (deep bottomed vessel) & deep fry these balls until golden brown  in medium heat.


~Turn the balls faster as it fries at a faster rate..
~Don't burn these sweet easy balls.

Very easy & tasty bread jamuns are ready !!!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spicy Vegetable Curry

        This veggie dish is spicy enough, with lots of vegetables mixed in a tomato base, that is flavored with Indian spices.... This curry goes really well with rotis, chapathis, dosas, parathas, nans, pooris or any type of bread... Keeping the base gravy the same, any one vegetable or combination of vegetables can be used..... Those suggested are, either only potato or only cauliflower or both potato and cauliflower, including or excluding carrots, beans and peas....Here i have added potato,carrot & beans which is my favorite combination...

        Those who are interested (like my hubby) in trying a variety dish in your vegetarian menu apart from normal is your recipe..


1.Potato- 1 (medium)
2.Carrot- 1 (large)
3.Beans- 20-25
4.Onion-1 (large..chopped)
5.Ginger (grated)-1 tsp
6.Garlic (grated)-2 tsp
7.Tomato-3 (large)
8.Coriander leaves (chopped)-1 or 2 tbsp

Ingredients (for the ground mix)

9.Cloves (grambu)-4
10.Dry red chilly (vattal mulaku)-2
11.Fennel seeds-2 tsp/ Fennel seeds powder-1 tsp
12.Coriander seeds (dhania) (malli)-3 tbsp/ coriander powder-2 1/2 tbsp 

Preparation (of ground mix)

~Roast cloves, dry red chilly, fennel seeds & coriander seeds in medium flame for 2-3 mins.
~If using fennel seeds powder & corinander powder just roast cloves & red chilly.
~Then off the flame & add the powders & stir well. (else the powders might burn)
~Let it cool & then grind it to a smooth paste with little water.

Preparation (of tomato base)

~Heat 1 tbsp oil in a kadai.
~Saute the onion along with salt.
~Add ginger & garlic & saute for 1 min.
~Add the tomatoes & increase the flame little & cook till they become mushy.
~Off the flame & transfer it to a bowl & let it cool.
~Can grind this to a paste or use it as such.(both are tasty..i have not grinded) 

Preparation (of vegetables)

~Wash, clean & chop all the vegetables & add them to a pressure cooker.

~Add water (enough so that all vegetables are dipped in it)  & 1 tsp salt along with it.
~Close the pressure cooker & cook till 3 whistles.
~Keep aside the stock (water of the cooked vegetables) for later use.

Preparation (of curry)

~Heat 1 tbsp oil in same kadai in which tomato base was prepared.
~Add the prepared tomato base & heat it.
~Pour the stock of cooked vegetables to this & cook in high flame for 10 mins (stir occasionally)
~Add the prepared ground paste & mix well & cook for another 5 mins allowing the spices to combine.(stir occasionally)
~Add the cooked vegetables along with coriander leaves & mix well & cook for 5mins in medium flame till the gravy thickens according to your style.

Enjoy a healthy & spicy dinner !!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Cauliflower Fries / Cauliflower Fritters / Cauliflower Pakora


            This is a really an unusual but delicious way to eat the cauliflower a slightly crisp texture and a flavor that is irresistible....I have been inspired by this recipe from one of my facebook friends Nibina Sarhia..

            The best advice I can give is to fry the fritters in small batches and eat them straight away or with tomato ketchup or with any chutney of your taste....don't wait it to cool..just have it like my waiting at all..!!

            When you think of a crunchy salty snack... instead of going for any chips or french fries....lets try something different this time..Because when you go through the below information, eating fresh potatoes is much better than fresh cauliflowers..But when fried, the scenario changes...So more interested in cauliflower fries now...right?


1.Cauliflower -1 (medium)
2. Eggs-1
3.Gram flour-3/4 cup  
4.Salt to taste  
5.Chilly powder -1/2 tsp  or more. 
6.Ginger(grated)-1/2 tsp
7.Garlic(grated)-1/2 tsp
8.Cornflour/Riceflour-1 tsp
9.Baking powder-1/4 tsp
10.Coriander leaves (chopped)-1 tbsp
11.Oil- for deep frying

Preparation (of cauliflower)

~Separate the florets of the cauliflower, cut off and discard the stem.
~Wash and clean the cauliflower florets.
~Bring a pot of water to boil very
nicely in high flame.
~Add 1/2 tsp salt to this boiling water along with cauliflower florets & then simmer for 10 mins
~Off the flame & then carefully toss the boiled florets to a bowl & let it cool down.
~The cauliflower should be slightly soft and starts looking translucent. 

Preparation(of batter & egg mix)

~In another bowl, combine gram flour, baking powder, cornflour, coriander leaves, ginger, garlic, 1/2 tsp salt ,chilly powder & mix them with a spoon. 
~Add little water to this & prepare it into a thick batter. (should not be loose)
~Crack eggs to another deep bowl with 1/4 tsp salt & beat lightly.

 Preparation (of fritters/ fries)

~Heat oil in a deep pan for frying the florets in medium flame.
~Dip one floret to the batter and then dip this batter coated floret to the egg mixture.  
~Then dip it into the oil.
~When the cauliflower is dropped into the oil it should rise to the top and not stick to the bottom, (don't over crowd the pan)
~Deep fry it until the all sides are golden brown.
~If the oil is too hot it will brown too fast, if this happens reduce the heat.   
Serve it with tomato ketchup or any chutney of your taste...
These cauliflower fries are simple, comforting and unbelievably delicious !

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Paneer Bread Rolls

         This delicious paneer mix rolled in flattened bread is a very easy recipe & something  really interesting as a lunch-box items for kids or for hungry school returned kids as an after school snack...they will definitely love it...Just adjust the spice according to your kids interest....This is an easy to handle & a healthy & tasty tummy filler snack.... 

          You can also amaze your guests with an appetizer that hardly took more than 30 mins to prepare...even to those who are not interested in vegetarian or paneer dishes...My hubby was really inspired with the use of bread as the rolls...Just give it a try..


1.Paneer (Indian cottage cheese)-150 gm (herei used frozen paneer)
2.Potato-1 (small)
3.Onion-1 (medium)
4.Garlic (grated)-1 tsp
5.Semolina (rava)-1 tsp
6.Cornflour- 1 tsp
7.Garam masala-1/2 tsp
8.Chilly powder-3/4 tsp
9.Salt-1/2 tsp
10.Corinader leaves(chopped)-1 tbsp
11.Yoghurt- 1 tsp
12.Tomato ketchup-1 or 2 tsp
13.Ghee- to toast the bread
14.Bread slices

Preparation (of paneer filling)

~Since i used frozen paneer, i just soaked it in water for 5 mins & it was ready to use.
~ Now crumble the paneer with your hands & keep it aside.
~Meanwhile boil the washed potato in water & little salt along with its skin for about 20- 25 mins in high flame.(You can also pressure cook the potato(3 whistles) which is time saving)
~Cool it & peel it skin & crumble it also.

~Heat 2 tbsp oil in a kadai & saute ginger & garlic for 1 min.
~Now add chopped onion with salt & saute till they become transparent.
~Add paneer & potato & mix well.
~Add semolina, cornflour, chilly powder, garam masala, yoghurt, tomato ketchup & mix well & cook for 3-4 mins in medium flame (stir occasionally)
~If you feel its very dry, you can add 1 tbsp of milk(optional)
~Check its taste & adjust salt, chilly powder & tomato ketchup accordingly.
~Remove from flame & let it cool.

 Preparation (of rolls)

~Roll out each slice of bread as thin as you can.

~Now carefully remove the crusts from the sides of your bread with a sharp knife.

~Place little filling (according to the size of your bread slice) on one end of the rolled out bread slice.

~Gently roll in from one end, making sure that the filling stays well within the first turn of the roll. 
~Just wet your finger tips with water & press the length-wise end after rolling the bread. (Don't wet so much) 

~Repeat the same with the remaining bread slices.

~Heat a non-stick fry pan & spread little ghee/dalda/butter over it.
~Place the rolls on the fry pan.

~Lightly roast in a pan until both sides are browned in medium flame.
~Just press on top of the rolls once flipped so that its easily cooked.

Yummy Easy Healthy Rolls are readyyy  to enter your tummyy !!!

Its really a delight to make and a delight to eat...
Just cant resist from having more...!!

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