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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Semolina Hot Drink (Rava payasam) (Thari Kanji)

              It is a light sweetened hot drink made from milk with very little semolina and seasoned with nuts, raisins & shallots. Traditionally, its had after breaking the fast in the evening, it is supposed to settle the stomach. It also eases the cramps that arise from the sudden rush of food after a day kept away from any food and water.
             Semolina (also known as Farina) is known to be easily digestible and is given to kids as a light porridge. Though this drink, once seasoned with ghee(clarified butter) and nuts, is nowhere near the lumpy porridge.
             Try it once and you may end up making it all through Ramadan.Its also a special during winter season, nothing like wrapping your cold hands around a steaming mug.


Ingredients (for drink)

Semolina/Farina/Sooji/ Rava- 2 1/2 tbsp
Milk- 1 1/2 cup
Water- 1 cup
Sugar-4 tbsp (according to sweetness)
Cardamom- ½ tsp powdered (optional)

Ingredients (for seasoning)

Ghee/Clarified Butter- 1 tbsp
Shallots- 2 (finely chopped)
Cashew nuts- 3-4 (chopped...not so small)
Raisins- 5-6

Drink Preparation

~Combine the milk with water, sugar, rava in a saucepan(chaya pathram) &  bring it to a boil (keep stirring in between).
~Simmer on low heat for 6 mins, until everything merges well and the semolina cooks.(Be careful not to let it boil over)
~Add the cardamom powder and add more sugar if needed.
~ Take the mixture off the flame and let it absorb the flavors. The mixture should be the consistency of a watery shake/smoothie.


Seasoning Preparation

~ Heat ghee in a pan, and sauté the cashew nuts, raisins and shallots on low heat till they turn golden and remove from fire and pour over the milk mixture..(Do not let them burn..keep stirring..)

                  The drink will thicken after some time, so do not add too much semolina considering the drink to be too thin. If later it does turn too thick, just simmer it with more milk. 

Njoy a fantabulous hot drink with your family this Ramadan..!!!

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