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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pepper Chicken

          This is a simple, straight forward recipe with all the basic ingredients that go into making a normal chicken curry and yet tastes quite different from the routine simple chicken curry flavor...

      Three of the most popular flavors, black pepper, lemon & fennel seeds powder are perfectly blended together which delivers the rich flavor....This curry goes well with white rice, rotis, dosas, appam & bread too..

       From ancient times, black pepper is one of the most widely traded spices in the world......It is not seasonal and is, therefore available throughout the year......You will get the sharp taste of pepper in the first mouthful itself..... So please feel free to adjust the spice level to suit your requirements.......

Ingredients(for marination)

1.Chicken-1/2 kg
2.Pepper-1/2 tsp
3.Salt-1/4 tsp
4.Lemon juice/ Vinegar-1 tsp

Ingredients(for masala)

5.Onion-3 (large)
6.Ginger(grated)-1 tsp
7.Garlic(grated)-1 tsp
8.Green chilly-2 (slit into half)
9.Whole Black pepper corns-1 1/4 tsp (grind little..not to a smooth powder)

                     When you grind your own pepper, you enhance the freshness of the pepper and probably get a better health benefit from it.....In addition, the outer skin of the peppercorn most likely enhances metabolism, leading to a higher probability of weight loss.  

10.Garam masala-1 tsp
11.Fennel seeds powder(perum jeeraka podi)-1/2 tsp
12.Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
13.Soya sauce-1 tsp
14.Tomato-1 (large)
15.Coriander powder-1 tsp
17.Coriander leaves(chopped)
18.Curry leaves


~Marinate the chicken with pepper, salt & lemon juice for atleast 1/2 n hour.
~Heat oil in a kadai & add onions with salt & saute.
~When done, off the flame & let it cool little & take 3/4th of the onions & grind it to a paste..(This step is optional)
~On the flame & add the onion paste & add green chillies along with ginger & garlic paste & saute for 2-3 mins.
~Add chopped tomato & saute till mushy.
~Add turmeric powder,coriander powder, pepper corn crushed(can use pepper powder instead..but pepper corns give the exact taste of pepper chicken), fennel seeds powder, soya sauce, coriander leaves, garam masala, little water & mix well & saute for 2 mins with medium flame.
~Add marinated chicken & mix well.
~Add 1/2 cup water & mix & close the lid & cook 10 to 15 mins until the chicken is cooked. (stir occasionally)
~Add curry leaves & check its taste..add salt & pepper according to taste.
~When cooked off the flame..The masala will get a darker shade once it rests.

Very spicy & juicy chickens are ready !!!
The aroma of freshly ground black pepper is difficult to ignore....

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