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Friday, August 3, 2012

Mango Lemonade

                     The perfect thirst quencher to stay cool and hydrated this  hot summer...this drink will bring a smile to anyone’s face (unless you’re allergic to mangoes or lemons)…A very good & easy refreshment to break your fast during Ramadan......


1.Mango-1 (ripe)
2.Sugar-2 or 3 tbsp(according to taste)
3.Lemon -half or 1 full


~Peel the skin of the mango &  cut them into pieces & add into a blender.
~Blend the mangoes together with sugar & water .
~Open up & taste its sweetness..(increase sugar according to your taste...depends on sweetness of mango)
~Squeeze lime without the seeds into the blender & blend well..
~Open up & taste, increase lime juice according to the punch you need..
~Add water & make the juice really thin...also adjust sugar..

A lemonade with a tropical twist is ready...!!!


  1. Thanks for the recipe!
    We tried it after iftar and it was really exactly what we needed.
    Very cool and refreshing!
    Worth trying it!

    1. really happy that u tried..
      Dont forget to visit my blog again...Keep updating urself with easy n wonderful recipes...:)


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