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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coco Grape Drink

        Grape juice, Nectar of Godsis considered one of the most beneficial juices for our health.. Its really good for our heart, has anti-ageing properties, helps to reduce weight, protects from infections, prevents from cancer & so on..

         Both red and green grapes(white grapes) are different species of grapes....Red grapes are high in nutritional value & rule over green grapes when it comes to their levels of healthy ingredients.....In conclusion to the argument, I'd like to say that since both are good for health and taste good too.... why not enjoy the benefits of both rather than choosing one over the other.                                                                                                
        Coconut Milk is considered as "The Fat that Can Make You Thin,".... Healthy fats like coconut milk help the body feel full and saturate the brain receptors that control your hunger....

        Tender Coconut water has earned an impressive title as “Nature's Sports Drink.”.... Its the purest liquid second to water.....Its juicy, naturally fat-free, low in calories & many more nutritional healthy benefits....

        Egg Whites are dairy-free proteins  with absolutely no fat...usually added to a drink to make it frothy..
        So i'm going to use all these wonderfully natural ingredients for my juicy juice... 


1.Red grapes-250 g(better if seedless)
2.Green grapes-250g(better if seedless)
4.Coconut milk-1/2cup / Tender coconut(Elaneer)- 1 cup
5. Egg white- of one egg
6.Sugar- according to taste (depends on the sweetness of grapes)


~Wash both the grapes thoroughly & add them to the blender with enough water.
~Blend them for 2mins & extract grape juice by straining & keep aside.
~Now lightly beat an egg white in a bowl.

      Prepare coconut milk & keep it ready.Else keep the tender coconut water ready.I used coconut milk since i found it handy. Both yield a very great taste. Choose accordingly.

~Add the beaten egg white along with tender coconut water or coconut milk to the blender.
~Add sugar accordingly & blend nicely.
~Now add the extracted grape juice & blend well.

 Coco Grape ready with an amazing freshness !!!

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