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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Carrot Shake (Hot / Cold)


        Carrot juices are really famous & we definitely need a carrot juicer for its purpose. This carrot shake below can be prepared without a juicer. Also, when in a juicer, we lose most of its fiber & nutrients when crushing the juice from carrots. 

          Here we pressure cook the carrots which is the easiest & energy efficient method in retaining its flavour & vitamins..Lets see how easy it is..


1.Carrots-3 (medium)
2.Milk-1 1/2 cup
3.Water-1 1/2 cup (can replace water with milk if you need it more thick)
4.Sugar-7 or 8 tbsps
5.Cardamom powder-1/2 tsp
6.Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp


~Wash the carrots thoroughly & cut them into small pieces (need not be very small or in shape)
~Pressure cook them for 4 whistles with little water(carrots should be dipped in it) & turmeric powder.
~Drain 3/4th of the excess water & let it cool with very little water(just to get it grinded).
~Grind these carrots with the water to a smooth paste.
~Meanwhile, when grinding keep the milk in a saucepan to get boiled.
~When it starts boiling, reduce the flame to simmer.
~Now add the carrot paste little by little & stir the milk..
~I added 9 graceful tbsp of carrot paste.
~Add required amount of sugar along with cardamom powder & mix well.
~Now increase the flame & let it boil.
~When it starts boiling, off the flame & let it cool.
~You can have it hot as you wish or refrigerate it & use...

Easy & yummy carrot shake ready !!!!

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  1. hi..njaan ee carrot shake try cheydhu....with slight changes............
    added few alomonds and final mixing (milk and carrot paste) did in was delicious in hot....(need to try cold later) thanks once again for ur super simple items.........

    1. woww..thanks 4 trying...i'll try your slight changes next tym i prepare this...Do keep visiting 4 simple n super recipes..:)


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