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Friday, August 31, 2012

Carrot Cake with Dates

         This is one the simplest cakes that I have ever prepared and also one of the healthiest and yummiest.....Its texture is light and delicate and the cake retains its moisture and all this leads to an enhancement in its taste too.... 

         To make the cake healthier whole wheat flour has been used instead of plain flour....This cake is incredibly versatile.... It can be enjoyed with a cup of hot or cold coffee/ tea and it can be paired with custard or ice-cream to make a delicious dessert - a contrast in texture and temperature....The real specialty of this cake is that its delicious flavor can stand alone as it requires no frosting or icing--this one does hit the mark in that aspect....

         So here is my recipe for a delicious, chunky, nutty, moist carrot cake, filled with the fruity goodness of raisins and dates....
Its really perfect to prepare it for birthdays filled with lighted candles...I've once tried it for my dad's birthday & it came out to be a success.....


1.Carrot (grated)-3/4th cup
2.Dates (sliced)-1/4th cup
3.Cashew Nuts (chopped)-8 to 10(optional)
4.Raisins (chopped)-3 tbsp (optional)
5.Wheat flour-100gm (less than half cup)/All purpose flour-100 gm
6.Sugar-100gm (accordingly)
7.Butter-100 gm (melted)
8.Baking powder-3/4 tsp
9.Soda powder-3/4 tsp
11.Vanilla Essence-1 tsp

Preparation (of batter)

~Grind wheat flour/all purpose flour with sugar to a smooth powder.
~Roast chopped nuts & raisins in 1 tsp ghee..just roast for 2 mins...(optional)
 ~Blend eggs, sugar powder mix & melted butter to a smooth paste.
~Pour it into a vessel & add carrots, dates, nuts, raisins, baking powder, soda powder & vanilla essence & mix well.
~Keep this batter for 1 hour.

You can bake this cake or prepare it in pressure cooker..i have pressure cooked this cake..its easy & moist too...

Preparation of cake (In pressure cooker)

~Keep a tin lid inside.
~Spread aluminium foil inside a deep  bottomed vessel which fits inside the pressure cooker.(the foil should reach the outside of the you could just pull the foil out to take the cake out...)
~Pour the batter into this vessel.
~Place the vessel inside the cooker, on top of the lid inside, so there is no direct contact between the vessel & the bottom of the pressure cooker.
~Close the lid of the pressure cooker without the weight on.
~Now keep the cooker in medium flame for 10 mins.
~Reduce the flame to low for the rest 35 mins.
~Now open the lid & check the cake..(insert the end of a knife in the center of the cake) 
~If its not cooked, let it stay for 10 more mins.
~When cooked, pull out the cake with the foil, & let it cool to taste..

Yummy healthy cakey readyyy !!!



  1. Love the texture and the combo,healthy cake,thanks for sharing.

    1. Ur welcome..Do try this wnderful cake..n let me knw d result...

  2. Hey Sajina..

    Once again am writing in your blog..No words yar..I never at least dream about cooking a cake from my part..But today,that also came true..Its only because of your nice blog and those simple recipes in it..Expecting more & more simple & tasty dishes from you...I cant limit my experience with a thank you or nice comment...Its simply awesome dear...........keep going through our kitchen also as a senior chef....

    1. I think ur mom wud d happiest one around u...finding her daughter atleast entering d kitchen....n thnks 4 makng me feel lyk some chef...keep d spirit n just follow me...

  3. Do eggs have to be beaten untill its been tripled in volume?

  4. I'm not one for an excess of sweet, so my most loved cakes are normally the direct ones, nothing extremely corrupt as a fallen angel's sustenance cake, yet at the same time, every one is a liberality that is constantly welcome. How to make carrot cake....


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