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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chicken Cutlet

               Got this recipe from my dearest mom..i think i have had the best of cutlets from her only..:) i miss her cutlets...& her tooo..
~Chicken can either be boiled with pepper & salt & used..else it can half fried & added.
~If half will stay for longer in your freezer.I prefer half fried chickens for cutlets...more tastier too...


3.Ginger(grated)-2 tspn
4.Green chilly-6(slit into half & chopped into very small pieces)
5.Potato-1(medium)(boiled with water & salt & smashed)
6.Garam masala-1 tsp
7.Pepper powder
8.Curry leaves n coriander leaves(chopped into small pieces)
9. Egg white- of 2 eggs
10.Bread crumbs


Chicken preparation

~Pat dry the chicken & coat it with little chilly powder,turmeric powder, salt & pepper.
~Half fry the chicken in oil & keep aside to cool.
~ Tear the chicken to pieces and detach from the bones & grind little. It should not become a paste. Its tastier if we get 2 bite them a bit & keep it aside.

Masala Preparation

~Heat oil in a medium kadai & add onions & saute them to light brown.
~Add ginger,green chilly & salt. Saute nicely.
~Add smashed potato & mix nicely.
~Add garam masala,curry leaves,coriander leaves & pepper as required.
~Add grinded chicken & cook for sometime.

Cutlet Preparation

~Cool the masala & refrigerate atleast for 1 hr.
~Take egg white in a bowl & beat well.

~Take 1 cup bread crumbs in a flat plate.
~Make the cold masala into the shape of a cutlet & dip first in egg white & roll over bread crumbs & coat it & keep it plastic bags.
~Each cutlet should not touch each other..
~U can fry it on spot..or keep it in will stay ther long..

Can make 25 cutlets i suppose...if u want lesser, just reduce all the ingredients in proportion..
This recipe might take sometime to prepare..but its worth..
Enjoy your cutlets with tomato ketchup...

Ichiri karinju poyennee was lip smacking..:)

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