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Monday, July 30, 2012

Ball Cakes (Unniyappam Cakes)

             This recipe's founder is my mom....In the earlier days as we didn't have an oven to bake a cake, my mom thought of preparing small cakes in unniyappa chatti...The ingredients of this cake might be common, but the shape & its two colored sides makes this cake entirely unique..!!!
Not only for kids, even elders found this really interesting..its really spongy, sweet & cute with a great texture....
My friends were a great fan of this when i took this along for our college tour...!!


1.Maida-1 cup
2.Sugar-1 cup
5.Baking powder-3/4 tsp
6.Vanilla essence-4 drops

Paniyaram pan(Unniyappam chatti)


Kerala Oven Preparation

~Clean your unniyappa chatti & dry it properly.
~Find a proper lid for the unniyappa chatti & close it.
~Find a steel container(charuvam) with lid which sits perfectly on top of the closed unniyappa chatti..
This structure should be perfect...else the cakes wont be baked properly... 
 I hope this image would make it more clear...

Batter Preparation

~Break the eggs & add them first in the blender.
~Now add maida, sugar,vanilla essence & dalda(liquid form)...& blend till smooth paste..
~Pour this batter into a vessel & add baking powder & mix well.
~Keep aside this batter for 1 hour.

Cake Preparation

~Fill the steel container with full water &  close its lid & keep it for boiling.
~Once it starts boiling, place the unniyappa chatti on the stove properly & start heating in medium flame.
~Once the unniyappa chatti is heated, reduce its flame.
~Now start pouring the batter in each of its holes with a spoon(Don't fill the holes completely as the cake would rise up when baked..Filling half the hole would do)
~After filling all the holes close the unniyappa chatti with a lid.
~Now place the steel container with boiling water on top of this closed unniyappa chatti..& see to it that it doesn't fall...
(Be very careful during this process..the hot water might spill..catch the container with two hand towels & do the shifting)
~Now off the flame where the steel container was being heated.
~Let it bake for 5 mins & shift the steel container carefully & open the lid & check by inserting a small knife in the center of the cake..
~If not cooked, keep all the equipments back in the same postion & wait for 2 more mins.
~When its done, open up & toss the cakes out of the unniyappa chatti into a large bowl.
~Just taste your first cake'll get the feel...
~Repeat this same process till the batter is finished..
~Need not change the flame till the end & now you must have got the correct baking you need not check..just take it out on that time..
~Need not boil the water in the steel container also..only in  the beginning,....Just place it on top everytime.
~Let the cakes cool, then only you can keep it in an air tight will stay there for more than 2 weeks..
Dont let it burn....

This procedure might look loong & difficult...but its really very easy & interesting too...:)
Any doubts...don't forget to ask...... 

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  1. hi! I have no idea about Kerala oven and unniyappa chatti, could you explain a little bit about it? :)

    1. hi....I have provided the image of an unniyappam maker..the word 'unniyappam' means small cakes in malayalam(language of kerala)...
      We can prepare a type of oven with this...By closing this maker witha lid & then placing a steel container with a lid on top of this....the size of the bottom of the steel container should be equal to the lid of the unniyappam, the steel container should fit inside the lid of the maker..

      I hope you got it...can ask if not yet cleared..

  2. hi mol enikkum manasilayilla - can u post more pictures to explain

    1. Sumi chechii...sorry for the late reply ...i would be posting the pic soon..:)

    2. Hi chechii...i hope provided an image..i hope it would be useful...waiting for your reply..:)

    3. hi mol - yes the image is perfect! and guess what - am making it today - will let u know how it went....

    4. It turned out perfect!! Great idea! I added a little vanilla essence. Like you said, once you start making it, the process moves faster. love how super soft the cake is... Thank you for sharing this recipe...

    5. actually having goosebumps ryt now..reading ur happiness in preparing it...I hope more people do try it...
      Keep dropping in..!!

  3. ennu ummichayae kondu UNNIAPPAM CAKE UNDAKKI itz so amazing and well tasted.........u should provide more recipies like this.........

    1. Thanks shareer for trying my recipe...& good to hear that it worked out well....Do keep visiting & check out the updates & share your experience with us....:)

  4. da saju pls post a pic of how you set up the cooking apparatus.. no necessary that there be an batter in the chatti, just show hw you place the vessels on top of each other...

    1. yes suleee...sure...i will be posting the pic soon..:)

    2. The pic is ready...Just check it out !!

  5. one more question... when you say 1 cup you mean the cup measurement right? not the saucer/cup cup right?

    1. Any cup would be fyn..Just that u use the same cup for all measurements...

  6. yes so finally i also gave a try to this magical longing to make it from the very first day i ate it from sajina's house...but cudnt...yet better late than never!!!as expected this waa a superhit in here!!!! aunty hats off to u for this wonderful recipie!!!!

    1. Really really excited to get know that it worked out well.....Thanks 4 trying dear...Yes my moms fingers are magical...!!!

  7. hai sajina...enikku unniyappa cake bayankara ishtay...oru doubt unde,appa chattiyil ottum enna ozhikkende,adiyil pidikkumo..?

    1. Hai sajithaaa....cake ishtam aayennu keetapol sandoosham aayi..appa chatti enthinaa...? unniyappa chatti non-stick allenkil ichiri ney thadavunnathu nallathaayrikum(valare kurachu maathram)..ney oru thuniyil mukki thudachaal mathiyaakum...
      cake undaakkiyittu ariyikkanee..:)

    2. sajnaaaa,njan unddakki.nannayittund..many many thanks...njanum oru blogreannu.ithu njan ende blogiloode friendsinu share cheyyatte?

    3. So it came out well as always...Gud 2 hear ur a blogger too..Be a follower of my blog firstly so u can update urself with my recipes..u can post ur pic of preparing this ball cakes & provide a link of my blog along with dat 4 d recipe...I hope u got it...:)

  8. Hi dear... it looks really different and nice oven... n unniappam looks yummy dear... thanks for linking to my event...
    Recipe - Bhel Puri Chaat SNC No-1
    Join in my first event - FEAST FOR YOUR GURU

    1. Ur welcm Viji...Its my pleasure 2 share my recipe with u..:)

  9. hi Saj....
    ur mummys unniyappa cake adipoli ... actually ,I ws nt sure abt de perfection befr I started ,,bt it turned out very well...thanks for sharing.....

    BTW...njanum oru Sajna aanu ttoo

    1. Hai sajnaa...thnks 4 preparing it..but it wud b more better if u do send a pic of the cakes to can be a part of the on-going event Restyle My Taste !! too...

  10. saju, 1cup aakadesham atra ml cup aanenu parayamo?atinu anusarichalle egg & butter add cheyande? :)

  11. nice presentation , look like a small bun



  14. wow.... i remember my mom making this when during my childhood days... and also in toaster.. it has turned to memories these days..i think invasion of oven in our kitchens is guilty!!

    Thank u for the entry Sajina

  15. Lovely space Sajina..:-) happy to follow you:-)


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